About Us


Hello! We are a small (“cozy”) indepedent bookstore specializing in the genre of mystery/detective fiction, along with spy, espionage, and true crime.  We are a member of the American Booksellers Association and the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association.  As the world of bookselling is quickly changing we hope to provide a different experience for our customers. We want to provide a fun space where mystery fans can gather and browse our selection of new and used books, but our main focus will be on our amazing ebook product from Blio.  With Blio ebooks, our customers can shop local and still have the same technology and convenience provided by larger companies.


Andrew Lohrum – a librarian and an avid cozy fan.

Betty –  Our spokes-dog and mascot

Our Logo

The logo was inspired by our house in downtown Buffalo.  It is a modern (mid 80′s) urban in-fill on a former vacant lot that once contained a Salvation Army hospital.  Every time I catch Betty digging in the front yard I would run out to stop her because who knows what is beneath the grass. In the logo Betty has happened upon a victim of blunt-force trauma with the weapon (a candlestick) buried by her tail.  It was designed by Chicago artist Daniel Mitsui.